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October 02, 2021 3 min read

Looking for a cure for Insomnia? Consider a weighted blanket

Many people do not sleep well at night or do not sleep without interrupted sleep until morning.

Here are some statistics on insomnia:

Forty-eight percent of Americans report insomnia occasionally, while 22 percent experience insomnia every or almost every night.*

Women are 1.3 times more likely to report insomnia than men.

People over age 65 are 1.5 times more likely to complain of insomnia than younger people.

Divorced, widowed and separated people report more insomnia.

A weighted blanket manufacturer in Texas, Mosaic Weighted Blankets (www.mosaicweightedblankets.com) initially started making weighted blankets for children and adults who were on the spectrum for ADD. ADHD. Aspergers and Autism. They quickly discovered that other customers were purchasing a weighted blanket and reaping the results: a better nights rest.

The occupational therapy community has known for a long time that weighted blanket help patients with sensory disorders to calm down, they are used widely in psychiatric, geriatric and trauma population to promote rest and calm.

What is a weighted blanket? Here is how it works:

Weighed blankets are weighted with poly pellets that are quilted into a blanket to evenly distribute the weight across the body. The blanket causes the person to experience the benefits of “deep touch therapy”.

What is deep touch therapy? Deep pressure touches sensor points within the body that causes the body to relax. This is why many people report a feeling of calm and deeper sleep with a weighted blanket. It also mimics the hugging sensation in the womb. LeMond, the owner of Mosaic Weighted Blankets says: “ We have people who call us or email us back that share that they are sleeping again like they did at 16 and this is a population that is 35 to 60 years old. It’s amazing! And you don’t have to take a pill, it’s a natural solution.” Deep pressure is also thought to cause the brain to release more serotonin. Even an incremental amount of serotonin release can cause a quality of life improvement, as serotonin is the neurotransmitter that carries signals along and between nerves and it’s found in the brain. It’s thought to be especially active in regulating cyclic body processes and contributing to well being and happiness.

“If a client tells us that they have a heavy quilt that they sleep under, that they pile blankets on the bed to go to sleep, or that they like the feeling of the heavy blanket you lay under to get xrays in the dentist chair, we know that this person is seeking weight and that they will benefit from a purchase.” Says LeMond.

How heavy should your weighted blanket be? LeMond shares: " Any weight will bring relief for someone. The occupational therapy community recommends 10% of body weight, but in our experience in selling weighted blankets, 5% to 10% of ideal body weight can work well for adults, we have had customer returns because the weighted blanket is too heavy."

What is the recommended fabric for a weighted blanket? 100% cotton is breathable. It’s a solid choice. The poly pellets acclimate to body temperature. Someone should be fine at night in the summer if they have the air conditioning on at night. What’s the investment in a weighted blanket? They are custom sewn for a person's height and weight and run between $100 to $225 for a medium to large sized weighted blanket. LeMond shares: “A lot of people spend $100 a month or more on prescription meds, and a weighted blanket is a one time buy and worth a shot if you are experiencing disrupted sleep at night. It can make a huge difference if it hits your sensory system right.”

For more information on weighted blankets, go to www.mosaicweightedblankets.com