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November 09, 2021 4 min read

Why Should You Buy A Weighted Blanket Made In The USA This Holiday?

Helpful Hints to Buy A Weighted Blanket that is ethically manufactured.

When you initially search for a weighted blanket, you will find that there are many different companies that sell weighted blankets. How do you know which one to choose? How can you make sure your blanket is made in the USA?

When searching for the right weighted blanket, it is important to consider where it is made, if it is made consciously, and if that company pays a living wage to their workers in the US. With a little research and by knowing what to look for, you should be able to establish where different weighted blankets come from and how they are manufactured.

While many MADE in the USA products like furniture, clothing, and boots weigh in at a much higher price point, weighted blanket's retail range is $100 - $200 for a handmade product. It's possible to buy it in the USA and the retail price points are pretty competitive with offshore products from China.

What are weighted blankets, and their benefits? Why should I buy one made in the USA?

For many, the weighted blanket has become a "lifestyle choice" and they continue to surge in popularity for Americans. It's a very popular gift product. The deep pressure stimulation provided by weighted blankets help you sleep better and alleviate anxiety and sleep problems. Weighted blankets come in many sizes, (kids, twin, full, queen, and king) and are available for every age group.

Weighted blankets are filled with weighted materials, such as plastic pellets, or glass beads.The even pressure of a weighted blanket is thought to apply a light pressure all over the body and give the user the sensation being held, and improve sleep by releasing incremental amounts of serotonin in our system and lowering cortisol. Serotonin is our "feel good" hormone, and quickly converts at night to melatonin, making us sleep more soundly.

A weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight. For children, 10% of body weight plus 1-2 lbs and you can buy one up to 25 lbs in a queen or king for your bed. Your weighted blanket must be the right weight in order to experience the benefits of a weighted blanket.

Why Should I buy a USA made weighted blanket?

According to a 2015 report by Consumer Reports, 80% of American shoppers say they prefer to buy goods made in the United States. More than 60% say they'd even be willing to pay 10% more for an American-made product.

Many US-based manufacturers make less of a profit than companies that buy products offshore, but you pay the exact same price. Buying in the USA helps you to support employees who live in America and you have more control over the fact that your blanket is made in a clean nice facility with ethical standards by someone who is of legal age to work in the USA. USA manufacturing is still alive and well, and if you can buy a product for the same price, you should do it. It is important to support companies that make an effort to ethically source their products. You can do this by purchasing weighted blankets made in the USA!

The website will say Made in the USA

Tip number one is to look for a company that states that they manufacture in the USA. This should be apparent on the website. Most US based retailers who manufacture their products are proud to discuss where their blankets are made, you can see a picture of their factory, and shared on the About Us Page. You can typically tell if a weighted blanket or any other product is made in the USA if you look at the website.

Another way is to look for the MADE IN USA logo or label on your blanket. "Designed In The USA" - It's not USA made

USA Made Products will say "MADE in the USA". Don't be fooled - One way offshore manufacturers/retailers who purchase products offshore will list a certain title with the product "Designed in the USA". This doesn't assure you that your entire blanket is made in the USA. That many times means that they designed the product here, but buy and produce it overseas. If the company doesn't explicitly say that their blankets are USA MADE, that means it's probably not. Companies selling weighted blankets made in the USA will be very straightforward about where their product was made.

Local USA Weighted Blankets - list of manufacturers

Here are some weighted blanket companies that are Made in the USA

  1. Mosaic Weighted Blankets www.mosaicweightedblankets.com (Austin TX, in business since 2011) USA Made and offers fabrics (cotton, Minky and Cool Max) with over 30 choices of patterns, color and sizes - kids sizes, throw size, twin size, full size, and Queen/King sizes. You can purchase a weighted lap pad, covers, and neck wraps. Phone number is visible on the website.
  1. Sensacalm(made in Tennessee). USA Made - offers children and adult-sized blankets up to a queen-size in Minky and cotton fabric. The phone number is on website.
  1. Etsy (varies by independent crafter) Variety of offerings for blankets who have a storefront, and will work with you through Etsy. Email/Phone number listed in most cases.

Look for a Phone Number On The Website

The website might look great and have a contact us - you can only email them.If you don't see a phone number listed- turn on your Buyer Beware radar. Don't purchase anything from a website where you cannot reach anyone unless you think you won't ever need to call anyone! Returns and other issues can be delayed over email.

POP UP Shops

Many large retailers like Target or Kohls will pop up and put their name on popular products and weighted blankets for sale during the holiday - despite their wonderful marketing campaigns, most of these products are purchased from China/offshore and not ethically made. The return policy might be better than other companies, but the bottom line is that it was not USA made.


Warning, if you buy on Amazon or if your weighted blanket is really inexpensive, then it's probably made overseas, the price is nice, but you can probably count on the fact that it's not USA made.