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Weighted lap pad for- Back To School ideas

December 16, 2021 2 min read

Planning for Back To School with a weighted lap pad

Are you ready for back to school? Some kids already have a weighted blanket, but also prefer to have a weighted lap pad for the classroom, and possibly for car rides to school. Mosaic Weighted Blankets decided last year to use our left over fabric to be repurposed into a very affordable lap pad ($19.95 to $24.95) for our customers, to create less waste in our manufacturing facility.

Grab Bag Lap pads are affordable and come in several colors.

You pick the fabric color you want, and we will send you a lap pad with a cotton fabric that will fit into easily into a backpack. It can also cause a therapeutic effect just carrying it to school in the backpack. Great for classroom and downtime at school, it can easily fit into any locker.

The sizes are $19.95 for a 14 inch X 22 inch lap pad which weighs 2-3 lbs and $24.95 for an 18 X 30 inch lap pad, which weighs up to 4 lbs.

We had a teacher order 4 for her classroom of preschoolers last week for under $100!

Teachers and special education departments? We do accept Purchase Orders for your convenience.

Be prepared for those first days of school and potential little stresses for your little one with a Grab Bag Lap pad!

Back to school tip: Help gets get in the habit of picking out what they will wear and lay hands on all papers for school, books, tablets, etc the night before school. This will help them create good habits for life and ease into morning routines with less stress.

How big should my blanket be? The OT community recommends 10% of body weight for kids plus 1-2 lbs for optimal rest. Our blankets come in 3.5 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet in length. Adults will need 5 to 10% of ideal body weight. Pick the size that will cover the child or adult’s whole body for maximum effect.

OT Tip: Crawl backwards, kids and adults! It helps to reset your brain and has other benefits as well for exercise and stretching/using new muscles.

Weighted blankets can make for longer, better sleep and downtime and help kids, teens, adults and seniors be more prepared for every day with deeper sleep patterns. Check out our 60+ fun patterns and solids at www.mosaicweightedblankets.com.