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November 13, 2021 2 min read

We have some great feedback this time of year from customers who sent us direct review and opinions about our product. Here are some of their direct responses... we had many customers this season who ordered a weighted blanket for their teenager for anxiety.

Real impressions from customers who wrote to us.

Jen - "I ordered the blanket as a gift for my adult daughter who suffers from anxiety and insomnia. She has never slept better in her life since using the blanket. The product is exactly as described on ordering. Shipping was also very prompt."

Amy says "Lovely product - I was very happy with the immediate shipping, especially just before the holidays. The blanket itself is beautifully made and has received rave reviews from my daughter already - it reduces her anxiety as soon as she wraps it around herself. A wonderful product."

Jamie says: "Positive.- I've only had my blanket a few days but so far I really like it. I bought it because I thought it might help me with my sleep issues."

Jenna says: "Practically a Miracle - I've had issues with insomnia my entire adult life. I've tried many medications, I've had sleep studies, I've seen the sleep psychologist, I've bought a thousand pillows guaranteed to provide a good nights sleep. But none of that has helped as much as my weighted blanket. I feel like a different person. I have energy throughout the day. I feel good when I wake up. Amazing!! My blanket is well made from quality fabric. They delivered the blanket promptly, before their estimated date."

It's amazing how well some people relax under the appropriate weight to fall asleep!