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October 07, 2021 2 min read

How would the Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket benefit me?

Many people get hot while sleeping. This is caused by bedding made of non breathable fabrics. Fabrics that are super soft, like minky, fleece, faux fur etc are not breathable. These fabrics will trap your body heat and cause you to feel hot and sweaty. We tend to use blankets made out of these fabrics anyway because of what they do to our senses. They are soft and luxurious and feel amazing to cuddle with. So how do we sleep or cuddle with these fabrics without getting hot, sweaty and uncomfortable? You buy our Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket! Change your sleep forever with this amazing combo of luxurious soft minky fabric on top and a luxurious soft 100% cotton sheet. Your body can stay cool sleeping under a soft luxurious 100% cotton breathable sheet while feeling a luxurious soft minky on your shoulders and arms.

What if it is winter and we want our whole body warm?

The most comfortable way to stay warm in the winter is layering breathable fabrics. You want to be warm, not hot and sweaty. You can use your Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket as a top sheet under your comforter, duvet, weighted blanket or any favorite bedding! Because the sheet part of your Minky Sheet Blanket is breathable, it will not interfere with additional bedding or blankets. In fact it will enhance it by providing a luxurious soft minky fabric incorporated with it.

Minky Sheet Blanket Shown Under a Duvet Replacing Her Top Sheet

Additional Benefits

Our Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket is a great choice for anyone with additional sensory needs! Many people use soft and plush fabrics to calm down. Great choice for anyone with anxiety or stress who wants relief and comfort. Some people find it easier to fall asleep or calm down by petting or fidgeting the Minky top.

What does any of this have to do with Weighted Blankets?

Mosaic Weighted Blankets were designed specifically to add weights and soft fabric while staying breathable. Many people find it helpful to put a sheet under their weighted blanket to help balance and evenly distribute the weight. Our Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket will not sacrifice that breathability or make it warmer. It will simply add the benefits of luxurious soft Minky and luxurious soft cotton to your Weighted Blanket. Use it with Mosaic’s CoolMax blanket in the summer to add minky to your weighted blanket while still staying cool!

Why do you call it a Sheet Blanket?

Our Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket does not always need to be used as a sheet in bed. Try it on the couch, while traveling or anyplace you would use a blanket. Cuddle your body up to our luxurious soft 100% cotton sheet while your face and arms are cuddled up to a relaxing, soft minky anywhere!

Perfect for downtime at any time of the day!

How To Wash Your New Minky Sheet Blanket!

You just toss it in the washer and dryer as you normally would with your bedding, sheets or blankets!