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October 18, 2021 4 min read

Where Should I Buy A Weighted Blanket?

There are many weighted blanket companies that sell weighted blankets, which one should you choose?

Large Retailers

There are online retailers who offer weighted blankets (usually there isn’t a number to call, you can email them however to get a response) The product is usually in one size and maybe one or two colors. Most of these products are manufactured overseas. Most of these weighted blankets are polyester, or a blanket sewn with a removable polyester cover. Many of them have a similar look/feel. Some come with washable covers, and some do not. Most if not all are a poly-cotton or 100% polyester fabric.

Most people who are looking for the comfort and calm of a weighted blanket are sensory in nature and do not do well with polyester products, a weighted blanket is much more comfortable if it's 100% cotton, which Mosaic Weighted Blankets provides. It's comforting and calming to sleep under 100% cotton, that is why 100% cotton sheets are so expensive and popular. It's really easy to get hot if you are sleeping under polyester.

It’s always okay to ask where your weighted blanket is being made, look on the website or email the retailer.

Are there any weighted blankets that are made in the US?

Yes! There are US-based manufacturers and independent crafters who make weighted blankets, many (Mosaic Weighted Blankets) make different sizes and offer a wide selection of fabrics. Weighted blankets are used to treat a number of health concerns including, Insomnia, Panic/Anxiety, Restless Leg Syndrome and ADD/ADHD and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), as well as dementia. They are helpful for children, teens, adults, and seniors.

When looking for a weighted blanket, it's best to go with a US-based manufacturer who knows what the recommended weight is and can help you out by having a strong FAQs page or will talk to your over online chat or email to help you figure out the best weight for you. Mosaic Weighted Blankets has all of these options.

What Fabric Should I Get?

Weighted blankets come in two overall choices for fabric content: cotton and Minky (a plush soft fabric which is 100% polyester). Unless you are really just wanting a soft plush fabric, for overall breathability, go with a 100% cotton weighted blanket. It’s easier to lay underneath a fabric that breathes so that you don’t get hot. It’s believed that weighted blankets are hot, but this is not true, because the poly pellets in the blanket (most manufacturers use this weighted product, the poly pellets) will acclimate to the temperature in the room. Contrary to popular belief, if you order a weighted blanket it will run cool for you and you will not be hot, as the beads are reflected by the temperature in the room, especially if you stick to 100% cotton. All of the cotton choices that Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers is 100% cotton.

If you want a plush fabric that is 100% polyester you can go with Minky (Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers Minky blankets). Some people love a plush, soft feel for their blanket. Als some people cold, or rather they aren’t worried about getting hot, and a plush Minky blanket at 10% of their ideal body weight will work great for that person. You have to think about what you are looking for and what would work best for you. Do you want a weighted blanket for a throw on the couch? Or for your bedroom? All these decisions feed into what would be the best product for you.

Do I need a 25 or 30-pound blanket?

Many online retailers for weighted blankets have decided that bigger is better and that a 25 lb blanket should be sold to anyone, regardless of their height or weight, or if one or two people are sleeping under the 25 lb weighted blanket. Mosaic Weighted blankets can confidently say that many people return a weighted blanket because they say it’s too heavy. Most women will benefit from a weighted blanket of 12 to 15 lbs, whereas most men will do well with a 15 to 18 lb blanket. If you are over about 5 foot 3 inches, you should get a size that is 6 feet long (Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers a Large blanket at 42 inches across the chest (about 3 and a half feet long) and 72 inches long (6 feet). This is ideal for a person to sleep under as it evenly weights the blanket all across the body and covers the entire body while sleeping.

It’s Not An Exact Science.

Any weight will sync with your body and senses/sensory self and create comfort, and make you rest sleep better.

How Does The Weight Get Calculated? What if I am heavier than my ideal body weight?

It’s best to base your weighted blanket on your height and ideal body weight. Why IDEAL body weight? Because if you get a really heavy weighted blanket - for example, let’s do the math - let’s say you are 5 feet two inches and weigh 170, (instead of your ideal body weight of 120 to 130) that extra weight will be laying on your frame, your heart, and your organs. It takes muscle mass to hold the weighted blanket up, and it will not be comfortable for you. You should ideally have a 12 to 13 lb blanket. One of the main reasons that Mosaic Weighted Blankets sees people returning blankets is that they say that their blanket is too heavy. All of that great sensory feeling that can emerge (slight uptick in serotonin and calming feeling) is crushed if you feel like you are laying under a fence. For this reason, make sure that there is some connection between your weight or ideal body weight, height and the size blanket that you are ordering. It’s an expensive item and you should do your research to get it right so that you will be comfortable.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets has been in business since 2011 and has helped thousands of customers purchase the right sized weighted blanket. All of our products are hand-sewn in Austin TX and we offer over 65 fabric choices.