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February 18, 2022 1 min read

Why 10 Pound Weighted Blankets are so Popular

When looking for a weighted blanket what weight should you order? What size should your blanket be? 10 lb blankets are increasingly popular because they aren’t too heavy. 

Many people get it wrong when ordering a weighted blanket. They tend to purchase a  really heavy weighted blanket that is too much for their frame and then they wished they had ordered a lighter blanket. 

How do you know what weight you would benefit from? 

With weighted blankets, for most people,  including men/women, kids, teens and seniors, the weight of a 10 lb blanket is based off of a 100 lb weight (10%) . Some recommendations say 10% of body weight but usually a 10 lb weighted blanket can be just the right amount of pressure for many people. 

A 10 lb weighted blanket lets you get the good sensory processing from the blanket and can raise serotonin levels and lower cortisol. If you are buying for a family too, everyone, including kids can use a 10 lb blanket. So when you are shopping for a weighted blanket, be sure to look at the 10 lb blanket option for everyone, including kids, teens, adults and seniors. . 

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