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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar Disorder can be overwhelming for the individual and his family. Severe mood swings are the most noticeable symptoms of bipolar disorder. When in a manic phase, the person can be restless, impulsive, confused, and quick to anger, while a swing to the depressive state leaves the person feeling saddened, fatigued, unfocused, and unable to sleep. Causes for bipolar disorder are often genetic, but can also be due to changes in brain chemistry or stress from traumatic events.

This long-term illness can be maintained with antidepressant medication and psychotherapy, although they are not a cure-all. Psychotherapy teaches someone with bipolar disorder to recognize when she is having an episode of manic or depressive feelings so she may seek appropriate treatment.

Supplementing the effects of prescription drugs, a Mosaic Weighted Blanket® can calm the sufferer with deep pressure touch stimulation, or DPTS. The pressure from a weighted blanket eases muscle tension just as a massage might and has a reassuring sensation like a hug from a loved one.

In either mood, manic or depressive, sleeping difficulties arise. Weighted blankets are also helpful in this regard because pressure stimulation induces serotonin development, which eventually becomes melatonin, our natural sleeping-aid hormone.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® cannot replace medication and therapy treatments but are useful when you are in need of a little extra help relaxing.