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Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation

What Is Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation?

Deep pressure touch stimulation (or DPTS) is a kind of therapy that has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Applying gentle pressure to the body at night or during times of stress can help you calm down and fall asleep. This type of therapy can be a great addition or replacement for other sleep-inducing methods like medications.

We use customized weights in our weighted blankets to simulate DPTS. When you need to feel secure and at peace, a weighted blanket can help create that feeling of safety. Some people say that the experience is similar to being embraced in a hug, but there’s a little more to it than that. DPTS is also like a massage; it helps reduce stiffness in muscles and joints and it can soothe pain in the body. Both adults and children can benefit from the DPTS that a weighted blanket creates.

How Does Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation Help Relax You?

DPTS helps the body switch from running its sympathetic nervous system to running its parasympathetic nervous system. Applying pressure to the body helps the brain switch from “fight or flight” mode to “rest and digest” mode. Kids with sensory processing disorders and kids who are on the autism spectrum can have a difficult time turning off their sympathetic nervous systems, and using a weighted blanket can help their minds make that transition naturally.

Sleepless nights that are caused by stress can also be aided with deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS). A weighted blanket increases serotonin production, and serotonin turns into melatonin, our body’s natural sleep-inducing hormone. These chemicals put busy minds at ease and boost your mood, allowing for a restful night of sleep and more energy during the day. The DPTS from a weighted blanket is especially helpful for those who suffer from any type of anxiety disorder.

When thoughts and fears seem to take over the mind, the deep pressure touch stimulation of a weighted blanket induces feelings of stability and eases body tension caused by stress. Mosaic Weighted Blankets® are comfortable, high-quality blankets that encourage your body to rest naturally. View our catalog of adult weighted blankets, as well as our blankets for children and teens.