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Benefits of Organic Cotton Sheets

September 18, 2021 2 min read

When shopping around for new bed sheets, there are a variety of options you may come across. One of the best and most popular options available is organic cotton! In this article, we’ll detail many of the benefits of choosing and using organic cotton sheets on your bed.

One of the best benefits of organic cotton sheets is that they are hypoallergenic, largely due to the lack of chemical additives that may be in nonorganic cotton products. Individuals with sensitive skin and other chemical sensitivities will not have to worry about reactions often caused by chemicals and pesticides in things like sheets and bedding. This is especially great for children and babies who are more likely than adults to have skin sensitivities.

Going along with the previously mentioned benefit, organic cotton sheets are also naturally softer than other sheets that are made using harsh chemicals. The process of making organic cotton sheets soft relies on the weaving of the cotton rather than chemical processing. In addition, organic cotton sheets are naturally breathable and wick away moisture to keep you cool during the night.

Not only are organic cotton sheets incredibly soft, but they are also very durable. Although not as durable as some man-made fabrics may be, organic cotton sheets and the process to make them are better for the environment. They are biodegradable and produced using more sustainable practices. Unlike conventionally farmed cotton which has taken a toll on the environment as well as farmers and their families, organic cotton farming ceases to use harmful insecticides or pesticides which can often enter the food chain through water run-off.

Overall, organic cotton sheets are of a higher quality than non organically made bedding. This is due to the method of organic crop harvesting, which is done by hand. Conventional or nonorganic harvesting involves mixing the cotton with the oil and seeds of the plant, which then require harsh chemicals to separate and clean the cotton. Organic harvesting instead, however, uses hot water and vegetable based soaps to clean the cotton.

Consider picking up a new set of our USA handmade organic cotton sheets to reap these awesome benefits today!