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September 19, 2021 2 min read

In our society today, we have digital access 24/7 for everything. For many people, they are always "connected" with a blue light close by. Everyone is using the new LED light bulbs... what does this do to our primordial self?

It means, unless you are spending some time doing something else for your physical self like spending time outside, meditating, walking or excercising regularly this will eventually mean more stress in your life.

Technology is great, but it can mess you up physiologically because our bodies are wired to excercise, eat a healthy diet and sleep when the sun goes down. Since scientific advancements have been made, it's great for our society but our physical selves don't know how to handle so much "up time." Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers who hunted and farmed, ate a simple diet and went to bed when the sun set. Kids, teens and adults increasingly find themselves staying up, and interrupting their natural biorhythm, many times because of their devices, and because they can. This builds up and leaves people stressed out. We all know this: it's hard to find quality downtime.

Nowadays, it seems we all need that extra "umph" to relax. Where do you find that?

A weighted blanket is engineered to help you relax by applying pressure all over, which activates your nervous system to relax, like a massage or a sustained hug. The benefits are wonderful and weighted blankets are a great solution without having to take a pill.

Who can a weighted blanket help? it's helpful across all age group, children, teens, adults and seniors. Studies have shown that many people relax under weight and sleep better and longer. It's a new natural solution for many people.

What are you doing to relax? Whatever you are or aren't doing it's a good idea to check out a weighted blanket.

For more information on weighed blankets, find out more a www.mosaicweightedblankets.com