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August 08, 2023 3 min read

Life will inevitably have its ups and downs. Stress, anxiousness, and doubt are common emotions for every human being. But after a long two years in a pandemic, political turmoil, international conflict, and rising cost of goods, these emotions are likely more common and prevalent than ever. We have written multiple blogs about ways to reduce stress in times of turmoil in order to find balance. One of the most crucial things that we have discussed before is ensuring that you get a long, restful night's sleep. With all of life's stressors, this might seem like a hard goal to achieve. Sitting up at night, worrying about what the future holds, and depriving yourself of the crucial rest you need. This is where the power of the weighted blanket comes in. Even though almost everyone has heard of a weighted blanket, many people don’t know what the benefits are, or think that the benefits will not apply to them. Below are some of the misconceptions about the effectiveness of weighted blankets:

  1. Weighted Blankets benefits only occur if you sleep with it on all night: This is a misconception that many people have. The use of a weighted blanket is not singular and does not apply to every person in the same way. This is why on our website you see blankets come in different sizes, weights, and materials. The same applies to the way you use your weighted blanket. Some people find great comfort in wearing their weighted blanket all night while they sleep. For others though, the weight can feel too burdensome in the middle of the night, that is okay! Weighted blankets aim to provide you comfort. Many people find comfort from just having their weighted blanket on their legs while they watch TV. Some find great comfort using a weighted blanket for naps only, achieving deep, restful sleep, but prefer not to use it for longer sleep sessions at night. There is no wrong way to use a weighted blanket when it come s to providing you comfort. You can also lookhereat our website for the benefits of a weighted blanket!
  2. “Weighted Blankets I’ve used in the past are too light/heavy, so they must not work on me”: This is a very common sentiment we hear from our first time weighted blanket buyers. Therecommendation we use here at Mosaics for finding a blanket's weight is 10% of your body weight. This weight works for a majority of our customers, but large segments fall outside of this. All of our bodies are different, and we find comfort in different weights. Some people find comfort in a weighted blanket that is 3%, 5%, or 7% their body weight, some find comfort in a weighted blanket that is 15%, 18%, or 20% their body weight. This is why at Mosaics we provide you with a variety of weight options to choose from. If blankets you used in the past were too heavy, you can purchase a lighter weight, and vice versa for blankets that you found to be too light. Blankets are meant foryour comfort. Pick what best works for you, and what brings you the most benefit for your body.
  3. “Weighted Blankets are hot and heavy”: While we already discussed how at Mosaic you can choose a weight for your blanket, the material is just as important for maximum comfort and long term use of your blanket. Materials will have different textures, feelings, and temperatures. Temperature is crucial for your weighted blanket to feel comfortable, so it is important you know if the blanket is being used by someone who likes to keep warm, or who wants breathability.
  • Cool Blanket Material: our  Coolmax Weighted Blankets are perfect for someone who wants a breathable blanket that will keep the blanket from getting too warm. This Coolmax fabric is also available as a  duvet cover, a weighted lap pad, a  weighted shoulder wrap, and a padded sleep mask 
  • Neutral Blanket Material: a majority of our weighted blankets come in a cotton fabric in a wide variety of patterns. This fabric is perfect if you are looking for that goldilocks zone of not too hot and not too cold blanket material. 
  • Warm Weighted Blankets: If you are someone who likes to bundle and feel warm year round, then our  minky, and  flannel blankets are perfect for you! These blankets are our plushest, and softest blankets. They are very good at holding in heat, so perfect for those who are typically cold and those who live in colder climates.